Welcome to our 3rd WEARWITH Weekly.

So its June… Bank Holiday here in Ireland.

Does that mean its officially Summer??

See below for a very easy French Vinaigrette Recipe, How to keep your cut flowers for longer, How to Style our Cashmere Scarves for Summer and a brilliant account to follow on Instagram to help you grow your own fruit and veg and really interesting snippits of info along the way

We had a great response to our questionnaire and well done to Jean O’Kennedy for winning our pure cashmere infinity scarf, we’ll be in touch so you can choose your colour.

How to Style it

I loved reading where you all shop and that you want to see more styling tips. So we have selected a few dresses from the top brands to appear in our questionnaire, MaxMara, ME & EM and COS (to name a few) and we have styled them with our Peony Pink Infinity Scarf (which is also a Snood, Shawl and Scarf)



Cashmere gets its name from the Kashmir region of India and Pakistan, where the first cashmere goats originate from.

The Kashmir region today is very complex, it is not owned by a single entity. It's currently divided and administered by three countries - India, Pakistan and even China. And there has been an ongoing internal war between India and Pakistan.

Big thanks to everyone who answered our questionnaire, its just myself, Karen behind all this and its been so helpful to hear from you about packaging and post preferences and whether we should do a cardigan.

I’ll keep you posted here when I’ve analysed the results.

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We are focusing on Peony Pink this month - so follow along if you too love pink!

See you all next week, lets hope Summer comes with June.