Our cashmere originates from the vast Mongolian countryside, where nomadic herdsmen tend to their goats with care. By sourcing our cashmere directly from these communities, we support their traditional way of life while promoting sustainable practices.

Our fibers are only harvested during natural molting periods, ensuring the well-being of the goats without harm. We prioritize fair trade relationships with our herdsmen, empowering them to sell their prized Mongolian cashmere at fair prices to local manufacturing partners, thereby adding value to their communities.

At WearWith.co, we celebrate the artisan craftsmanship behind every piece of our knitwear. Each garment reflects years of skill and dedication, promising enduring quality and timeless style. Based in Ulaanbaatar, the heart of Mongolia, our production embodies the essence of the land and the people who bring it to life. The photo here is from our visit to the factory in 2023 and this is the finishing and inspection stage. The factory is very well presented, clean and safe and the employees are very well treated and respected - this is very important to us at WearWith.