Wondering where the summer is? I’ve been following @carlowweatherman to understand why Summer has not arrived yet in Ireland!

This week I’m asking you to take a minute or 2 and remember upon a poem you knew or loved once, an easy step you can take to reduce Plastic Use, a summer cocktail and how to mix Printed Patterns.

How to match/block Prints?

I love Colour Blocking and when I see Print Blocking I love it too, but its not as easy as it looks! So this got me thinking….

I sometimes see people wearing prints and think “Genius”, or sometime it’s just a “No, that doesn’t work!” and I wondered why it so difficult to achieve that harmonious tension so I put some tips together below.

  1. Match small prints with small or medium size patterns, medium patterns with medium or large ones. See how Jess Colivet did this HERE and in pic one above - I think this is just perfect! (all Jess’s style is).

  2. Be consious of colour choices and tie them together, eg: if you are mixing a red print wear a bright red lip, green print maybe a green hair accessory or shoes. See how Purple is picked up HERE

  3. Add a pattern clash with accessories - polka dot or stripe scarf/bag

  4. Consider Leopard and Snake patterns as Neutrals and match them with bold prints, but be careful not to clash eg: Leopard and Paisley would be too busy. For some great Brave ideas read College Fashions blog HERE

    and my favourite Print Inspo account - follow Anaïs Van Oekel HERE

Hard to believe it will be the longest day of the year, the Summer Soltice this Friday! The year is really flying along!

Does it feel strange to you that Summer Sales have started and Sumemr hasn’t really begun, my Summer wardrobe has not been opened!

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Chat next week, Happy Summer Solstice


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