Welcome to our 1st July WEARWITH Weekly.

Can you believe its July? SERIOUSLY!

I measure summer’s presence by how often I’ve needed sunscreen. Twice so far and its July, thats not good, but maybe it means its on its way, its just a bit slow this year? I am an optimist!

This week we introduce Azure Blue, a book recommendation, a sustainability tip, cashmere combing and a little sleep aid and 20% off AZURE Blue (read to the end)

It takes the downy undercoat fur of around 4 goats to produce just one sweater.

In the vast Mongolian steppes, a time-honored tradition unfolds each spring as the goats are shedding to prepare for the hot summer. Herders, with generations of experience, gently comb the downy underfurs of their cashmere goats. This meticulous process, unlike shearing, removes only the loose, ultra-fine fibers without harming the animal. It's a vital step, not just for the harvest of the luxurious cashmere we covet, but also for the goats' well-being, as it prevents matting and allows for natural shedding during the warmer months. And these loose fibres and collected, sorted, spun and knitted into our Cashmere.