Monochrome Fashion

Monochrome Fashion

Make life a little easier by following our Monochrome Fashion tips, pick one item of clothing you want to wear (no matter what!) and match it with similar hues, its that easy!

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Monochrome comes from the Greek work Mono – meaning one, single and chrome is colour. Put simply - Monochrome means 1 colour. So what is Monochrome Fashion? - its when outfits are made up of the same base colour, but different hues/variations of that colour.  So I pick my trusty light tan coloured cashmere jumper from M&S, a no brainer decision, white shirt and brown boots. And even when it came to picking a coat (I have far far too many) it was easy – no black, army green or navy – straight to my brown leather bomber jacket.Why wear Monochrome? For example – I have a new pair of Zara Cords (just back from alterations, I’ve to get everything shortened, always!), which are very autumnal in colour and I’m feeling Autumnal today. So what to wear with tan coloured cords? Black and Navy go with Tan, as does Grey, but the sun is shining so I feel they are a bit wintery. Pale blue is nice with tan, but I only have pale blue shirts and tops and its too cold! Its easy, when you’re not sure what to wear, or you really want to wear one particular item of clothing – it makes the matching decision much easier.  Cashmere sweaters polo cardigan kableco monochromeMonochrome makes life easy! Black is the easiest one – black trousers/jeans, black top and black boots – you probably do monochrome without knowing, it’s the easy option!

Grey – grey trousers, grey cashmere cardigan and white/blue shirt, grey scarf and black boots – again easy! See examples 1-3 for classic colour monochrome fashion - always elegant, glamorous and smart.

Some tips for selecting a monochrome outfit

KABLECo monochrome cashmere colours sweaters
  1. Choose a colour that suits you – your skin tone, eyes, hair and a colour you are happy in. Keeping your wardrobe simple with monochrome makes getting dressed much easier, having a variety of eg: grey jumpers, grey trousers/jeans means you can mix and match, always look good and be confident in your colour of choice - see below for more options.
  2. Choose different textures – cord and cashmere go well, wool and cashmere go well as do wool and silk, wool and sequence, silk and cashmere. Jeans go with any matching colour top. See example 4 - Velvet, silk and tweed.
  3. Add accessories – skinny grey jeans, a similar hue cashmere crew neck will need something more to make an outfit, find a matching scarf or dressy jewellery to make the outfit. If you go bulky on top, match it with bulky shoes. If your outfit has a sleek silhouette, balance with courts or ballet pumps.
  4. If you’re small (like me) monochrome makes you look taller by creating a seamless flow of colour from top to bottom.
  5. Cashmere - Cashmere adds texture, luxury and warmth to any outfit and we believe its especially good when used with similar hues, creates a very classy,elegant monochrome style.

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