WearWith cashmere looks good, feels good and offers a lifetime of wears, but like all special fabrics, you have to treat it with a little TLC too.

There are a few super-simple rules when it comes to keeping your cashmere as it should be. Take heed, and your cashmere will become softer and look and feel even more luxurious as it ages. 

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Cashmere Washing instructions















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Yes, really. All our cashmere basics can be washed at 30 degrees in your machine. Use a special wool shampoo or a mild detergent and make sure to set it on a wool or delicates wash. 


Smooth the sweater or scarf back to its original shape on a towel and allow it to air-dry. If needed, use a cool iron only to iron out any creases. 


Cashmere is one of the most natural fibres on the planet, so it needs to be cared for in this way. After a few wears, you will notice small balls of the yarn on your organic cashmere piece. Fear not; this is normal. Just use one of our special combs to de-pill it every so often. Be mindful not to over-comb, just a gentle de-pill once you begin to see the pills and your cashmere piece will stay as-new forever. 


Cedar balls keep pesky moths at bay. If you're folding up your sweater, make sure it is clean, so it doesn't attract moths and pop a few of our cedar balls among the folds, and your trusty cashmere will stay moth-hole-free. 
Read more about Moths and how to protect your cashmere here


Don't walk past them during Autumn-time; they work well as a moth deterrent too. 

6. FOLD 

Always fold your cashmere, don't hang it. If you're putting your cashmere away for Summer, store it in a cotton or calico bag. 

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