Wear With Cashmere Bay

At Wear With we hate waste, and when we saw our Bay Tree Trimmings after a weekend in the Graden, we thought instead of putting them in the brown/compost bin, we would share them with our customers. 

Bay leaves are a fragrant leaf from the laurel tree.  The leaves are added to slow-cooked recipes, such as soups, sauces, and stews, and are removed before serving the dish.

Bay leaves have a long history, originating as an ornamental symbol of honor and success, and worn by Roman and Greek emperors (All Hail Caeser), as well as Olympians, scholars, heroes, and poets. Because of this, two terms were created: baccalaureate, which is the reward for earning a bachelor's degree, meaning "berries of laurel," and poet laureate, an honor given by a government to someone to compose poems for special events.

Wear With Cashmere Leaves

We will put a few fresh Bay Leaves in with each order.

They will dry out in time and are still very usable.


We love Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall in the Guardian who uses them by

"tucking them into the cavity of a bird or fish before roasting; stirring them into a slow-simmered stew; or sautéing them with onions and other chopped veg as a base for a soup" Click on the link above for some gorgeous recipes.