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I am very flattered you approached me to be your Influencer/Content Creator, and I really love the style.

I have a very loyal follower base and I owe it to them to know a bit more about your brand and specifically #whomademyclothes, so I can answer any questions they might have.

I want to feel as good about the story behind my clothes as they make me feel when I wear them.

I care deeply about the people who have worked so hard to make the things I buy from you. I want to know that they’re being treated fairly, have the freedom to speak out, and are paid enough to live with dignity, opportunity, comfort and hope, and I would need to be able to answer the below questions regarding your brand.

  • Who makes (brand name)’s clothes?
  • Are they making a living wage?
  • Where are your clothes produced?
  • Are the factories safe and regulated?

I really look forward to working with you and bringing my followers on my journey with your brand.