Welcome to our 10th June WEARWITH Weekly Newsletter.

This week we look ahead to Bloomsday and how to Style it, a lip stain, my take on a Pea salad, Mongolian Horses, a Bloomsday offer and a competition.

Bloomsday Style

This Sunday is Bloomsday and whilst I am very proud to have such a literary giant come from Ireland, I can’t profess to being his biggest fan, as I have only read a portion of his work, but I love everything Bloomsday - the food and the style, read our latest blog to learn more and comment below the article to be in with a chance to win a Bloomsday Accessory - Read Here

Product Tip

I’d like to share this product with you, its a lip stain from Wonderskin. It goes on electric blue and you’ll be terrified it will stay like that, but it just wipes off. I have a colour called Whimsical and I actually put it on at night, get a fright in the morning when I see a goth in the mirror, but it just wipes off to make my lips more defined and slightly deeper pink all day.

This is my take on the Avoca Pea Salad.

Add Feta, thinly sliced red onion, freshly chopped mint (I like lots), Olive Oil, Salt and I soak the peas in boiling water, drain them and add them when they are a little warm, so they melt the Feta just a tiny bit, then crack some black pepper and squeeze a lemon over it and you are good to go. Vary quantities according to your taste (lots of Lemon, Mint & Salt for me)

Cashmere Featherlight Wrap

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Its Bloomsday on Sunday 16th but its also Fathers Day - don’t forget to buy the Dad in your house something! If you would like to buy Irish and shop local, follow @buyirish on Insagram for great ideas.

And don’t forget to comment on our Bloomsday Blog to be in with a chance to win faux Lace Cuffs

Happy Bloomsday All