Do you put your woolies away for Summer?

In Spain they love their Cashmere and expect it to last forever, quite rightly because it should!
But they take great care of it and they store it away for Summer.

Now in Ireland we need our Cashmere all year round, but if you go away, we’ve a simple trick to put the moths off, see below.

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Cashmere should always be stored folded, not hung (where it can stretch) and we reccommend if you are going away and won’t be opening your cashmere drawer for a period of time - leave the drawer/cupboard open. Moths don’t like light! Move your jumpers in from the dark corners and let light in all around. And you may be thinking they’ll be covered in dust? Put a sheet of newspaper on top and ensure light can get into the corners. Moths also don’t like strong scents, Cederwood and Lavender oil can put them off. Please note, this is not guarenteed but it can only help.

We’ll be moving onto Azure Blue next week in our social media posts and inspiration.

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Happy last week of June, see you all in July and lets hope the weather continues.