Cashmere - Give a little Luxury

Cashmere - Give a little Luxury

Everyone loves cashmere, its so soft on your skin, so warm, breathable and just looks "luxury" which is why it is the best gift.

Is there anyone who doesnt love Cashmere?

The Softest, most Luxurious Cashmere

* The softest, gentlest fibre - pure luxury for anyone to touch.

* Our range of colours will go with any wardrobe, they are what we consider neutral essentials. 

* Our Cashmere is MACHINE washable!

* Our Cashmere is GOTS certified Organic - feel good and do good

* Our Cashmere can be worn year round - its warm and breathable and lightweight. Cashmere insulates in Winter and breathes in Summer. 

* Our Cashmere has been designed to look good forever, its designed to suit everyone of all ages and will not be in our out of fashion. It will last FOREVER.


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