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Elevate Your Skiing Experience with WearWith's Luxurious Cashmere Accessories

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 Ski Style Cashmere from WEAR WITHThe timeless elegance of cashmere never goes out of style or cosiness!

Elevate your winter adventures with Wearwith's luxurious and sustainable cashmere accessories, perfect for keeping you warm on the slopes and effortlessly chic for après-ski moments

 Why Cashmere for Skiing?

Cashmere, renowned for its softness, warmth, and breathability, is an ideal companion for your skiing adventures. Unlike traditional wool, cashmere provides unparalleled insulation without the bulk, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver down the mountains while staying cozy and stylish.


Cashmere Hood for Skiing

Cashmere Hoods: Keep your head and ears toasty warm with our luxurious cashmere hoods. Available in a variety of colors and styles, they seamlessly integrate with your ski jacket, adding a touch of elegance to your ensemble.

And why I loved my Cashmere hood - I went for a sneaky weekend and didnt bring my own helmut, so hired one and was very glad to have a cashmere layer between me and my rented helmut.

Cashmere Roll Neck Accessory

Cashmere Polos: Elevate your ski style with our soft and stylish cashmere polos. Perfect for layering beneath a ski jacket or enjoying a cozy night out, our polos offer both warmth and sophistication.

I keep have my polo in my ski jacket pocket, love it to keep my neck warm and whip it off for a bit of Apres ski.


Cashmere Snood Ski

Cashmere Infinity Scarf/Snoods: Keep your neck and face protected from the elements with our versatile cashmere snoods.

Pure Cashmere so no itching or scratching and Maching ashable! Our Cashmere Infinity Scarves provide warmth and style without restricting your movement on the slopes or off.


To see how to use your WEAR WITH Cashmere on the slopes - Visit our You Tube Clips here

The Benefits of Cashmere on the Ski Slopes

  • Supreme Warmth: Forget bulky gear! Cashmere traps heat naturally, keeping you toasty warm on the slopes without restricting movement. Unlike synthetics, it's breathable, preventing sweat build-up and chills.
  • Effortless Style: Ditch the itchy scarves and beanies. Cashmere hoods, polos, and snoods add a touch of sophistication to your ski outfit, transforming you from beginner to fashion icon, on and off the Slopes.
  • Luxury Made Affordable & Easy: Treat yourself without breaking the bank. Wearwith's cashmere is accessible for everyday wear, not just special occasions. It's an investment in timeless style and long-lasting comfort that won't break your ski trip budget and they are Machine Washable.
  • Sustainable Shredding: Feel good inside and out. Our ethically sourced, organic cashmere lets you enjoy the slopes knowing you're making a positive impact on the planet. Look good, feel good, shred hard!
  • Versatility Reigns: Wearwith's cashmere accessories are your multi-tasking heroes. Hoods double as face warmers, polos transition from slopes to après-ski, and snoods add chicness while keeping you warm.

Apres Ski Style

Après Ski Elegance

As the sun sets and you retire from the slopes, the après-ski experience calls for comfort and style. WearWith's cashmere hoods, polos, and snoods are the perfect après-ski companions. Imagine unwinding in a cozy cashmere hood, sipping on hot cocoa by the fire, or strolling through the mountain village in a chic cashmere snood – it's the epitome of winter elegance.

Versatile Add-Ons for Every Outfit

What sets WearWith apart is the everyday, affordable nature of their cashmere accessories. These aren't reserved for special occasions; they seamlessly integrate into your daily wardrobe. Pair a cashmere polo with your favorite jeans or throw on a snood to elevate a casual look. The versatility of WearWith's cashmere accessories makes them the perfect addition to your skiing ensemble and beyond, and they'll last forever and ever!

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What colour do you have in 15e cashmere hood on sale?
Do you have pick up point in Dublin?
Regards Mary

What colour do you have in 15e cashmere hood on sale?
Do you have pick up point in Dublin?
Regards Mary

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