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Introducing our Peony Pink Cashmere

Introducing our Peony Pink Cashmere Collection

Our latest colour we've added to our collection is Peony Pink. We'd describe it as a little deeper than baby pink, more pink than baby pink but very subtle. 

We thought long and hard about what to call the pink, our factory calls it baby pink, but we feel its just a shade darker, not quite so baby, more grown up thanPink Rose Irelandbaby pink.

So I took a stroll around the garden, it was very close to a rose we have called the Earth Angel Floribunda – as seen here to the right. 

But we thought Earth Angel Pink - that might be confusing, the colour given to an item of clothing should not cause confusions, it should be as close as possible to the colour of the clothing, especially for online boutique/shops such as ourselves.

Peony Pink Pure Cashmere Sweaters

So I wandered further down the garden and came to a Sarah Bernhardt Peony bush, it was perfect as you can see here, and thus our pink cashmere was christened Peony Pink (we’ll leave the Sarah Bernhardt bit out). I don’t know about you, but when I start writing, I start looking into Sarah Bernhardt and if you are interested I put a synopsis of interesting bits about her from about 5 web sources, thus this blog took me about 4 hours longer to write than it should have – but I think the internet rabbit hole, where you are learning something new (and not just scrolling Instagram or TikTok) is never time wasted, her tenacity and determination will inspire me. 

The Peony itself is often referred to as a 'rose' and called a 'thornless rose'. But they are really a plant all their own. Peonies make such an impact with their big ruffly flowers with an abundance of petals and an old fashioned delicious scent. Peonies are flower fan favourites for many reasons, one thing about them that we can all agree on, is that peony season just does not last long enough! (unlike the Earth Angel Rose, which is still flowering! Its been bringing colour to our garden since June).

Pink Cashmere Jumper

Our selection of Pink cashmere jumpershatsscarvespolos hoodies are luxuriously soft, made in Ulaanbaatar in a women founded factory and part of the Sustainable Fibre Alliance. We have pink collars & cuffs arriving very soon, and we might need your help with what to call the colour, its not a peony pink.

We try to make everything about our company as environmentally friendly as possible. Our sweaters are compostable (although we don’t imagine anyone would bury them) we like to think that what we create does not cause harm, and what comes from our wonderful mother earth, can go straight back. If you do compost our cashmere, please remove the WearWith label, it unfortunately is not compostable, but we are working on this.

Cashmere Ireland

We removed cashmere care wash label instructions fromr all our Cashmere, and we give each buyer a card with instructions, which can also be found on our website – Cashmere Care Instructions

We pack our Cashmere in Ireland in recycled tissue paper and put each piece in a linen bag (also compostable) and post them in either brown envelopes or recycled plastic ones from An Post.

If you have any suggestions as to how we can do better, we would really love to hear, we strive to cause less harm in every step of our upstream and downstream supply chain.

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 Who was Sarah Bernhardt?

Sarah Bernhardt, original name Henriette-Rosine Bernard, was born in Paris in 1844. the greatest French actress of the later 19th century and one of the best-known figures in the history of the stage.

Bernhardt was the illegitimate daughter of Julie Bernard, a Dutch courtesan who had established herself in Paris (the identity of her father is uncertain). As the presence of a baby interfered with her mother’s life, Sarah was brought up at first in a pension and later in a convent.

One of her aunts or mothers lovers, the Duc de Morny, encouraged the young Sarah into becoming an actress, and she started studying at the Comédie Française, after studying for 2 years and considering her future and her own career as an actress in 1863, she became the mistress of Henri, prince de Ligne, and gave birth to her only child, Maurice. (Later Bernhardt was married to a Greek military-officer-turned-actor, Jacques Damala, but the marriage was short-lived, he dying of drug abuse. Throughout her life she had a series of affairs or liaisons with famous men, allegedly including the great French writer Victor Hugo, the actor Lou Tellegen, and the Prince of Wales, the future Edward VII.)

Her grace, beauty, and charisma gave her a commanding stage presence, and the impact of her unique voice was reinforced by the purity of her diction. Her career was also helped by her relentless self-promotion and her unconventional behaviour both on and off the stage, she was very clever at marketing and promoting herself. She was noted for her very clear diction and voice and believed the voice of an actress was the key to dramatic character.

Bernhardt played several male roles in the course of her career. She had made notable appearances as Hamlet in Paris and London in 1899, the first female to play the role.
Bernhardt was made a member of the Legion of Honour in 1914, for her continued support of her country and its servicemen.

Sarah Bernhardt died March 26, 1923, Paris.

Mark Twain once identified five kinds of actresses: "bad actresses, fair actresses, good actresses, great actresses -- and then there is Sarah Bernhardt." Bernhardt was, indeed, one of a kind.

WearWith is an Irish Company, offering cashmere & cotton basics and essentials in versatile, forever colours and styles. We are based in Dublin and if you would ever like to see our products in real life, we welcome you to visit us in Dublin 6, just send us an email and we'll be in touch

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Fascinating history Karen!
Have you any man-sized sweaters?

Fascinating history Karen!
Have you any man-sized sweaters?

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