Moths & Cashmere Care Tips

Moths - what you can do to protect your Cashmere.

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There is no 100% proof way to protect your Cashmere & Wool from moths, but there are a few things you can do to try to keep them at bay.

March is the beginning of moth breeding season, The female adult moths lay eggs on natural fibres such as Cashmere, Wool & other Natural Fibres and can lay up to 300 eggs between March and September. 

The like dark, warm places to lay their eggs. The moths themselves don't eat your lovely Cashmere, its the eggs or larvae which eat the fibre before they evolve. 

First thing to do is ensure your drawers, cupboards are cleaned out, Moths like dust and dirt. Hoover the corners of your drawers and clean them out.

Wash your Cashmere before you store it away - Moths don't like clean smelling fibres.
Cashmere Care Moth Balls

Put Cedar Wood Moth balls in the corners of your drawers or back of your cupboards. Moths don't like the smell of Cedar wood oil or any strong smelling oils, some peope use Lavender - but be sure to replace it or use natural oils to ensure the smell is strong - see our Cashmere Care sets here

Use special storage bags, ideally not plastic as natural fibres like to breath. Cotton storage bags will make the garment a less inviting place for moths to lay their eggs. 

Collect Chestnuts in September and place them in your drawers - not scientifically proven, but a free and natural deterrent and worth a shot. 

If you do suspect Moth eggs are lurking in your cashmere fibers, freeze the item and this will kill the larvae also. 

If you go on holidays, leave your drawers open, although dust will settle, its better than moths who don't like light. 

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