Wear With's Peony Pink


Our Cashmere Sweaters are made with 100% pure organic Cashmere from Outer Mongolia and made in our factory in Ulaanbaatar in Mongolia. The factory we use is a women founded and certified ethical and organic. 

We designed our sweaters so they sit at your hips, they are not fitted, but definately not sloppy, neat in style and straight shape. 

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cashmere scarf ireland
Our Cashmere Infinity Scarves are designed to give you 4 style options, wrap 3 times around your neck to ensure you are cosy and snug, wrap twice for a loose look and a way to dress up a sweater or shirt. 
Wrap around your shoulders like a shawl over a dress, top, a very elegant way to keep cosy. Add a matching hat to really finish off the look
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Change your Cashmere Jumper into a Poloneck or Hoodie with one of our matching add on accessories or add a hat to keep the heat in.

Cashmere Hoodie Pink Cashmere Rollneck  Cashmere Hats Ireland

 Read more about the Peony Pink colour in our November Blog here

Cashmere Sweater with Scarf  Cashmere Poloneck Sweater